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PT. TPR Enpla Indonesia is formerly known as PT. Asiatec Fujisawa Mfg. Indonesia, which established under Joint Venture Agreement between Asiatec Corp. Japan, Fujisawa Denko Co. Ltd Japan, and Mr. Danny Suhendar Indonesia on August 10th 1994, and on June 17th 2013 officially changed become PT. TPR Enpla Indonesia, which is a subsidiary of TPR Enpla Co. Ltd Japan.

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Poly Vinyl Chloride
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Poly Styrene
High Density Polyetylene
      Plastic Multi Profile Extrusion

  • PVC
             Soft PVC
             -  Car Window Washer Tube
             -  Door Gasket
             -  Tube Protector
             -  Frame HFS
             -  Decoration
             Hard PVC
             -  Spicer for Refrigerator
  • PE
             -  Car Wire Cable Liner (Cover)
             -  Pipe For Washing Machine
             -  Tube Protector Bolt
             -  Nylon 6   :  Spiral Tube
             -  Nylon 66 :  Tube Protector

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Our Products
P l a s t i c    M u l t i    P r o f i l e    E x t r u s i o n    I n j e c t i o n
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